Since opening in 1991, Lazy Acres has been dedicated to our local communities and strives to provide a marketplace for anyone who loves to live healthy and eat well.

Through our mission of supporting the communities that we operate in; we are pleased to announce our newest initiative to tie together supporting our community and leaving a lighter footprint. The new Envirotokens program rewards customers who make the sustainable choice to reuse bags and keep single-use items out of local landfills. When you shop at the Lazy Acres in Long Beach and bring your own grocery bags, we give you a 10¢ Envirotoken per bag. The customer then pays it forward to one of six local nonprofits that we have hand-selected doing important work in our area, with a focus in K-12 education efforts, hunger relief and environmental stewardship.

Every month, we will tally up Envirotokens, convert them into dollar amounts and send a check to each organization. Since every little choice matters, we do our best to reward the good ones.



Long Beach

  • Boys & Girls Club of Long Beach
  • Food Bank of Southern California
  • Food Finders
  • Friends of Long Beach Animals
  • Operation Jump Start
  • Partners of Parks

Envirotokens Launching in other Lazy Acres Locations Soon